Measurement Equipment for Civil Protection

Measurement Equipment for Civil Protection S.E.A. GmbH has developed a practical approach to the measurement equipment of emergency care centers through close contact with the different areas of CBRN protection, and would like to present this concept in this new brochure. We are focusing on practical solutions, on systems that can be used easily and safely, because the stress prevailing in an emergency situation in civil protection requires a measurement technique that can be easily and safely operated! We are happy to assist you with your planning.

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Measuring Equipment for Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants

A surface milling cutter has proven its practical usability when it comes to remove the contaminated surfaces e.g. in nuclear power plants or other nuclear facilities.
For this purpose, the HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH has developed a - vertical and horizontal - moveable surface milling cutter. Together with the Radiation Protection Specialists Company Green German Reengineering GmbH, Heidelberg, an approach has been developed that includes the mechanical decontamination and the subsequent control for radioactive contamination. For this purpose, the mechanical surface milling cutter has been combined with a highly sensitive γ-detector system with plastic scintillation.

detector system PL525detector system PL525

The detector system PL525 was developed by the S.E.A. GmbH, Germany and has proven its reliability during the dismantling of the German nuclear power plant Stade.

The surface milling cutter in use (German)

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S.E.A. GmbH becomes a member of the NUVIA group

neues SEA Firmengebäude

In order to grow further and intensify our business, S.E.A. GmbH has decided to make an important step:

As from now, S.E.A. GmbH belongs to the French company NUVIA. With 2,700 employees and a turnover of approx. € 300 million, NUVIA is a centre of competence in the field of nuclear technology. NUVIA is a worldwide operating company. The main markets are France and UK. From the equipment of nuclear-technical facilities to their dismantling, NUVIA offers an extensive program. As a manufacturer of radiation measuring instruments, S.E.A. GmbH completes NUVIA’s performance profile.
S.E.A. GmbH was founded in 1993 by Heinz Kirsch and Günter Werthmann and developed to a middle size company with approx. 30 employees over the past 20 years. In the new constellation, the management of S.E.A. as a 100% daughter company of NUVIA remains in the hands of Heinz Kirsch and Günter Werthmann.

We are looking forward to a good and intensive cooperation with the NUVIA group.


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S.E.A. GmbH is growing and expanding

neues SEA Firmengebäude

Our new buildings at the site of Dülmen are finished. Now our production and storage area is twice as large. Even for large assemblies and special products, an accordingly equipped mechanical factory is available.

We are prepared to a planned increase for the future.

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Implementation of the DIN ISO 11929 – Detection limit calculation


The implementation of the DIN ISO 11929 regarding the changed calculation of detection limits is currently a hot item during internal discussions or conversations with experts in German nuclear power plants.
The mathematic specifications of the new DIN 11929 are much more complex in comparison to the old DIN 25482. For our smear test counters with µ - controller based electronics (WIMP 60, 120, 220), a modification and extension of the mathematic calculation process, combined with significant extensions in measuring value display, can only be realized with now, faster measuring electronics and a larger LCD.
We can offer you solutions now to update/upgrade your smear test counters. In case you are using one of our PC based smear test counters it might be even sufficient – depending on the hardware version – to update your current software version to match the DIN 11929 requirements.

Please find further information concerning the realisation of the ISO 11929 here. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of further questions.

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Mobile shielding for γ – Spectroscopy measurement counters

The mobile measurement counter shown on the picture below is equipped with a measurement chamber encapsulated in stainless steel. It is suited to host a Canberra spectroscopy counter with a high-purity Ge detector. All of the γ –counter’s components are directly integrated into the cart. The measurement chamber is shielded with 50 mm of lead. Thanks to the usage of special, low-active lead it has been possible to reduce the measurement assembly’s background by a factor of 3.

The measurements counter’s door is moved by means of an electric motor. Beside the nuclide-specific measurement of samples (e.g. in a 2 l KAUTEX bottle), the γ – spectroscopy measurement counter with open door can also be used for the insitu-γ– spectroscopy.

γ-Spektroskopie-Messplatz γ-Spektroskopie-Messplatz

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Radiation control of incoming goods

Messages such as “Co – 60 – contaminated steal detected” or “radioactive substance found in parcels” frequently lead to fear and anxiety. Production processes have to be stopped - Employees are freighted!

In order to monitor the entrance of goods e.g. in trading/production companies or at post/parcel services, we offer you solutions such as RAMON, our roller conveyor belt radiation detection system.

On both sides of the roller conveyor belt, a highly sensitive scintillation detector is placed. Before any item passes the detectors, it is slowed down and moved through the measuring assembly with a defined speed. In this way a highly sensitive γ-radiation check is guaranteed.

ROMAN ROMAN Rollbahnanlage

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Detector Stand

schematischer Aufbau

The detector stand is a mechanic tool to facilitate the usage of the γ-detector PL525 (16 kg) without major physical efforts.

This detector stand is designed to measure door frames, walls and ceiling areas with the γ-detector. The detector head can be rotated by 90° and can be used at a height between 1.6 m to 4.5 m (with additional modules). The lower part of the stand, which consists of 4 variable extendible and swivable parts, can be positioned in such way that the detector stand can be moved closely to the wall. The complete construction is made of stainless steal.

The detector stand is used for dismantling of the nuclear plant Stade (Germany).

schematischer Aufbau

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German Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (Bundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe – BBK) equipped with contamination monitor

As part of a European tender procedure, S.E.A. GmbH has received the order from the Procurement Agency of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (Beschaffungsamt des BMI) for the supply of 204 contamination measuring instruments, amended by an option for supply of further 716 contamination measuring instruments till the year of 2017. After intensive technical evaluation, the above mentioned procurement agency has selected the mobile contamination monitor CoMo 170 in the ZS (Civil-Protection) version. The practically established instrument for detection of radioactive contamination uses the innovative detector technology of the thin-layer plastic-scintillation detector.

schematischer Aufbau

SEA's mobile contamination monitor CoMo 170 ZS in use.

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Recycling of ionisation smoke detectors

Ionisation smoke detectors contain Am-241 as a radioactive source. For recycling of these products, the radiation source has to be separated safely from the other components (plastic housing, electronics, metal parts). For this purpose, ITD (Isotope Technologies Dresden GmbH) operates build a largely automatic plant for recycling of ionisation smoke detectors.

S.E.A. GmbH has supplied a large scope of radiation measuring equipment for safe detection and selection of the radiation source during the disassembling process. For example, the conveyor belts of the disassembling lines are monitored with high-sensitive NaI-scintillation detectors.

We make radiation measurable !
Customer-specific solutions are our speciality.

schematic overview

schematic overview

picture of the  disassembling plant

picture of the
disassembling plant (detail)

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We make radiation measurable – since 20 years

By the end of June 1993, S.E.A. GmbH was founded, i.e. this year we will celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Heinz Kirsch, General Manager
Heinz Kirsch
General Manager

We would like to thank all our customers very much for the good and trustful cooperation. In these 20 years we have developed ourselves to a high-performance, innovative special enterprise for radiation measuring equipment. The gas-free detector technology of the thin-layer plastic scintillator, being the standard technology in particular for contamination monitors nowadays, was advanced by S.E.A. GmbH and introduced on the market. Today, the contamination monitor CoMo 170 is an established measuring instrument in daily radiation protection routine.

Our target has always been to develop customer-specific solutions for special measuring tasks. For example, in intensive cooperation with German customs we developed the contraband detector RadReflex. Now this instrument is in use at all outer borders of Europe. After the reactor disaster of Fukushima, we could enable many Japanese current information about radiation in their surroundings by means of our measuring equipment (contamination monitors, foodstuff counters).

At the moment we have developed the detector lift with gamma detector
PL 525 for release measurement of large surfaces on the initiative of the nuclear power plant Stade, which is in the decommissioning stage now.

S.E.A. GmbH is a middle-size company with approx. 30 employees.
We thank our qualified colleagues for their commitment and their loyalty
to the company.

In our headquarters in Dülmen – in Westphalia – we are currently initiating a new production facility. Thanks to your orders, our company has been growing continuously since many years. The planned new buildings are supposed to be finished by the end of 2013, in order to get more space for new tasks. We are looking forward to continuing a good and successful cooperation with you.

schematischer Aufbau: Overallmonitor mit Fördersystem

We make radiation measurable.

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Overall contamination monitor

By the beginning of March 2013, we supplied the newly developed overall contamination monitor (see picture) to the Swiss nuclear power plant Gösgen. The overall contamination monitor consists of a double detector compartment (2 x 10 plastic-scintillation detectors, each 450 cm²) and a conveyor system for the overalls. The hanging overalls are moved slowly between the detector compartments and checked for contamination. Measuring time and detection limit are dependent on the conveyor speed.

schematic overview: overall monitor with conveyor system

schematic overview: overall monitor with conveyor system

overall monitor overall monitor

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Detector lift

After the political decision to back out of the nuclear energy, decommissioning of nuclear plants is getting more important.

In order to check large areas without requiring physical strength of the employees, we developed a detector lift which moves the detector across the wall / ceiling. The measurements are stored in the system and transferred to a PC-system for evaluation. The detector lift was developed for NPP Stade, which is currently decommissioned.

On request we can provide you with further information.
You also find more details here.

Detector lift Detector lift

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We make radiation measurable:
Pallet Monitor PalMo

Pallet Monitor PalMoRadiation monitor with integrated γ-plastic scintillation detectors for reliable check of pallets, grid boxes or parcels
Due to global trade, the radiation released by the reactor disaster in Fukushima is spread all over the world. Because of that, it is useful and necessary to perform radiation control of goods, components etc., especially those coming from the Japan region. In case of large quantities of goods, checking with mobile measuring instruments requires high time and personnel efforts. The PalMo pallet monitor makes it possible to check complete containers in a reliable way by driving them through the detector units.

Brief specification:
  • gate monitor with 2 detector pillars, left and right
  • each detector pillar contains a large-area, high-sensitive γ-plastic-scintillation detector with 1,500 cm² detector surface
  • micro-processor-based measuring electronics with LCD screen for measuring value display
  • mathematic evaluation procedure with gliding alarm thresholds
  • automatic background measurement and subtraction
  • fast response time
  • optical and acoustic alarm function
  • detector pillars made of stainless steel and plastic
  • stable ramp system to drive through pallet trucks
The detector technology used for the PalMo has proved itself in practice since many years with regard to radiation monitoring in the scrap and recycling field and at border-crossing points. Complementary to the pallet monitor we recommend our portable contamintation monitor CoMo 170 for selective measurement of α- and ß-/γ-contamination.

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Top-Rating for S.E.A. GmbH

Hoppenstedt Kreditinformatiuonen GmbH Concerning the EURO crisis, everything is about rating agencies – We got the AAA status.

The rating agency Hoppenstedt
Kreditinformationen GmbH confirmed, that we belong
to the 3.3% of best rated companies in Germany.

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Marinelli beaker: Takeover of Brandenberg + Rapp + Wilms GbR

S.E.A. GmbH has acquired the business of Brandenberg + Rapp + Wilms GbR (www.marinellibecher.com) since August 1st, 2011. In this way we expand our product line by a complete assortiment of Marinelli beakers, for example for radiation measurements of environmental samples or foodstuff in laboratories.

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We make radiation measurable:
Foodstuff Counter EL 25

Foodstuff Counter EL 25Radiation monitor with integrated NaI-scintillation detector for reliable check of solid and liquid food
Due to global trade, the radiation released by the reactor disaster in Fukushima is spread all over the world. It cannot be avoided that radioactive contaminated food is shipped or contaminated pre-products from Asia are used elsewhere for production of – in that case – slightly contaminated goods. Particularly the food industry, restaurants, hotels and consumers are concerned about this. In order to check food for the presence of radioactivity in an easy and reliable way, we have developed a simple, low-price foodstuff counter. The EL 25 foodstuff counter with integrated, high-sensitive NaI-scintillation detector checks solid and liquid food.

Brief specification:
  • small, easy to use foodstuff counter
  • to check solid and liquid food or other products
  • plastic housing with integrated detector
  • as desired with high-sensitive NaI-scintillation detector 50 x 50 x 13 mm with coupled photomultiplier, incl. 10 mm steel shielding around detector
  • the object to be scanned, for example milk, water… is put into a measuring beaker and placed directly on the indicated measuring area.
  • LCD screen for measuring value display and user guidance
  • measuring value displayed as desired in Bq, Bq/kg, Bq/l or cps
  • foodstuff counter calibrated for Cs-137, I-131, other calibrations possible
  • weight/volume can be entered with integrated keyboard
  • alarm indication on LCD, additionally by red LED
  • including 2 measuring beakers, 400 ml, with cover
  • detection limits: approx. 100 Bq with 100 s measuring time (related to Cs-137, measuring container 400 ml)

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Release Counter

Release Counter

For activity control (release measurement) of objects used in the controlled area (tools, instruments, documents) we have delivered a release counter to ZWILAG (interim storage facility Würenlingen AG, Switzerland).


The counter is shielded on all sides with 30 mm low-activity lead and contains 6 large-area γ-plastic scintillation detectors. Each detector has an active surface of approx. 50 x 50 cm. Within a measuring time of 30 sec. (BG-measuring time 300 sec.), a detection limit of < 50 Bq is reached, related to Co-60 in the center of the measuring chamber.

The stainless steel measuring chamber has an inner room of approx. 50 x 50 x 60 cm. The detectors are protected by security bars / distance holders.

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Radioactivity control of parcels, letters…

For fast and reliable checking for the presence of radioactive material in post parcels or deliveries (goods entrance check), S.E.A. offers a high-sensitive measuring system. The parcels, letters etc. are moved through the measuring unit (detector system). The monitor uses high-sensitive scintillation detectors. The alarm is displayed optically, if desired also acoustically.

RAMON-P is used in the following fields:
  • Object control at goods entrance and goods exit
  • Control of hand luggage in airports
  • Control of baggage at border crossing points
  • Control of goods to be stored in safe deposit boxes in banks
  • Control of objects in the nuclear-technical field
  • Control of objects in the military safety field

Radioactivity control of parcels, letters: RAMON-P Radioactivity control of parcels, letters: RAMON-P

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Radiant oil sources

WDR (Western German television) reports that radioactive residues come into existence during oil and gas production, and that these radioactive residues are handled too careless.

For this field of application S.E.A. GmbH has developed a special pipe detector. This detector can be used in combination to the contamination monitor CoMo, for example to detect contamination of inner and outer surfaces of pipes. It is also possible to connect the pipe detector to our high-sensitive dose rate meter SCINTO with NaI-scintillation detector.

special pipe detector for CoMo

Our special solutions are used successfully in the oil and gas exploration field since many years.

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Order from Louisiana Energy Services

In August 2009, S.E.A. GmbH received an order from Louisiana Energy Services for supply of stationary contamination monitors, multiple smear test counters and further mobile contamination monitors typ CoMo 170.

The enrichment company which is built in Eunice, New Mexico by URENCO Netherlands, is planned to be equipped with the same established radiation measuring instruments as used in Almelo, Netherlands. The complete equipment supplied by S.E.A. GmbH was UL-approved by TÜV Süd.

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